Carpet and Upholstery Stain Guard Protection

To help reduce the impact of everyday living on your carpets, rugs and upholstery; after they have been deep cleaned we can apply a Stain Protective Treatment.  We offer two products, 3M Scotchguard and Gard-X Woolsafe.

When a Stain Protection Treatment is applied the durable long lasting coating makes it difficult for dirt and contamination to cling to the treated surfaces. The benefits are peace of mind, much simpler to deal with any spills and makes vacuuming considerably quicker and more effective.

Click here for a video demonstration of a carpet with one area treated and how it copes with a spill.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Tips
  1. Regular vacuuming! Over 80% of dirt in your carpet is contamination, dirt and dust, primarily walked in on shoes. Always vacuum at a slow walking pace. Your machine is most effective at this speed.

  2. By removing the contamination, you prevent premature carpet wear. It also stops the build-up of oils and grease. These attract even more general soiling, leading to a dull appearance and unpleasant odours.

  3. Have carpets and upholstery professionally treated with Stainguard Protection. Our system provides long term protection against staining from accidental spills. An added bonus is your vacuuming will be much more effective as contamination is reluctant to stick onto the treated surfaces.

  4. Treat stains or spills immediately. The longer you leave a stain, the longer it will have time to chemically react with the fabric, making it much harder to remove.

  5. If you have Stainguard Protection, look after it! Only use approved DeepSan cleaning products which are designed not to damage or remove it.

  6. Never use harsh chemicals like bleaches or supermarket cleaning agents. If in doubt, call DeepSan UK Ltd. Tel 0845 177 0550

  7. Always test fabric before using a cleaner to see how the fabric reacts. Some can and will lose their colour.

  8. Blot stains with warm water until no moisture is left. If the stain is still present re-apply water and blot gently. Always avoid rubbing!

  9. Never over-wet a carpet or fabric without an extraction machine. Over-wetting can cause browning, shrinkage, water marks and other side effects.

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