Carpet and Upholstery Stain Guard Protection

To help reduce the impact of everyday living on your carpets, rugs and upholstery; after they have been deep cleaned we can apply a Stain Protective Treatment.  We offer two products, 3M Scotchguard and Gard-X Woolsafe.

When a Stain Protection Treatment is applied the durable long lasting coating makes it difficult for dirt and contamination to cling to the treated surfaces. The benefits are peace of mind, much simpler to deal with any spills and makes vacuuming considerably quicker and more effective.

Click here for a video demonstration of a carpet with one area treated and how it copes with a spill.

Carpet Cleaning

The correct maintenance of your carpets helps prevent damage and greatly extends the life. Carpets, upholstery and curtains all act as filters. Like any filter, they need to be maintained and cared for. (See cleaning tips)

Carpets are subjected to considerable contamination, the vast majority walked in on shoes. Airborne dust, pollen, smoke, cooking fats, together with spills, pets and children all produce contamination which bonds to the carpet fibres. The carpet becomes sticky and attracts even more contamination. Eventually all carpets need deep cleaning to restore them back to their full potential.

Here at Deepsan we use highly effective state of the art machines and the PROCHEM range of cleaning products which are Wool Safe, environmentally friendly and leave your carpets clean, bright and fresh.

    Our 7 (8) stage cleaning process is as follows:

  1. First we survey the area to be cleaned to establish the construction of the carpet and best method of cleaning.
  2. Powerful SEBO commercial dry vacuum cleaners remove any loose dirt, dust and grit. This also helps lift the pile.
  3. A PROCHEM micro-splitting pre-spray is evenly applied.
  4. The carpet is then gently agitated using a SEBO counter rotating power brush machine to loosen the remaining contamination.
  5. Spot treatment is applied to stains and marks needing additional treatment.
  6. A powerful extraction wand lifts the contamination and the carpet is simultaneously washed with a pH neutralising clean water rinse.
  7. The carpet pile is set using a large grooming brush and air dyers are used when required.
  8. If requested, specialist treatments are applied including Stain Protection, Mite Control or Specialist Deodorising.

Your carpets will be clean and fresh to best effect. We recommend you complete the process by having a Commercial Stain Guard product applied. This technology helps prevent future contamination / spills, forming strong bonds to the fibres. The major benefit is maintenance, cleaning and vacuuming becomes considerably easier and much more effective.
(see cleaning tips)

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